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A Notice for Spring Festival holiday

Time : 2023-01-12 Hits : 35

The Chinese New Year is now popularly known as the Spring Festival because it starts from the beginning of spring. It is one of the important traditional festivals celebrated by Chinese on the first day of the first lunar month. That the word Nian, which in modern Chinese means “year,” was originally the name of a monster beast that started to eat people the night before the beginning of a new year.

One legend goes that the beast Nian, with a very big mouth, was extremely fierce, which made people scared. But people found that the red color and the noise of firecrackers would scare away Nian. So people chose to put up red paper decorations on their windows and doors at the end of each year to scare away Nian in case it came back again. Therefore, setting off firecrackers and pasting Spring Festival couplets has become a traditional activity of Chinese people. Besides, there are many other activities in the New Year. For example, taking a family reunion feast, paying a New Year’s visit, and hold temple fair.

Our company has Spring Festival holiday from January 16th to January 30. Welcome our respected customers to China to experience our New Year's activities. We wish you everything goes well. Good luck in the New Year and peace all year round.