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The Spring Festival

Time : 2024-01-30 Hits : 22

Through thousands of years' development, Spring Festival customs are spreading far and wide. Sweeping the Dust is widely accepted as New Year cleaning. “Dust”shares the same sound with chen in Chinese, which means old and past. In this way, “sweeping the dust” before the Spring Festival means a thorough cleaning of houses to sweep away bad luck in the past year. This custom shows a good wish of putting away old things to welcome a new life.

After the house is given a thorough cleaning, some decorations follow. Putting up Spring Festival couplets is a very popular way of decorating house in China. It consists of two lines of Chinese characters on both sides of the door and one short line above the door. And all the lines convey the idea of good luck.

Our company has Spring Festival holiday from February 4th to February 18th. Wishing you prosperity, peace all year round.