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Excavator Reincarnate the “Fire Captain” to Save the The huge Ship Aground On the Suez Canal

Time : 2021-03-29 Hits : 385

The huge ship "Changci" ran aground on the Suez Canal, leading to the major blockage of the canal in both directions. As the news of the shipping accident continues to ferment, the price of chemical varieties will be disturbed, and the blockage of the Suez Canal for another 3-5 days will have serious consequences on a global scale.Excavator reincarnation "fire captain", came to "fire", a small bucket teeth become the key, the bucket teeth of the excavator to clean up the sand, save the ship crisis, ants save the elephant story is repeated, a small excavator rescue "paralyzed" Suez Canal, small bucket teeth crowing the canal lifeline.What is the bucket tooth of the excavator?What role did they play in this?The bucket tooth of excavator is an important consumable part of excavator.Its characteristic is to consume fast, consume big.Bucket teeth, as the name suggests, are similar to human teeth in that they are a combination of a base and a tip connected by a pin shaft.Because the part of the bucket tooth wear failure is the tip of the tooth, if the full bucket is replaced with the shovel, the price is very low, and the cost is huge, so as long as the replacement of the tip of the tooth can be done.And our company is specialized in excavator bucket teeth, my company's products is very good, is the existence of the leading in the industry, we are engaged in the manufacture of excavator bucket teeth long time, has a wealth of experience and our excellent quality, affordable, and at the same time not only on the shipment and delivery speed are better than their peers, and our quality is guaranteed, we is very strict to the requirement of the product.Our attitude is serious and rigorous, hoping to create a win-win situation.