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What is the bucket tooth?

Time : 2021-02-01 Hits : 80

Bucket tooth is an important and the most easy wear parts of excavator and it is similar to human teeth. Bucket teeth is a combination of bucket teeth composed of tooth holder and tooth tip, and the two are connected by pin shaft.

During working,bucket tooth will have serious abrasive wear, but also bear a certain impact load, so the life of the bucket teeth is often very short and it have huge consumption. But the bucket tooth wear failure part is tooth tip, as long as the replacement of the tip can be.

Usually, the materials of bucket tooth will ues austenitic ductile iorn and alloy steel, and than processed to become qualified bucket tooth.

According to the different ues environment of excavator bucket tooth, it can be divided into rock tooth(For iron ore, stone ore,etc.),earth tooth (For excavating soil, sand, etc.),conical tooth(For coal mine).

According to bucket tooth adapter: excavator bucket tooth can be divided into vertical pin bucket tooth(Hitachi excavator mainly),Horizontal pin bucket tooth(Komatsu excavator, Carter excavator, Daewoo excavator, Shengang excavator,etc.)Rotary digging bucket tooth(V series bucket tooth).

And its technologys can be divided into casting bucket tooth and forging bucket tooth, the forging technology will be relatively difficult than the casting technology, so the price will be higher than casting technology.

What are the casting bucket tooth and forging bucket tooth?
What is bucket tooth

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