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What is the Wear failure mechanism of bucket teeth

Time : 2021-05-17 Hits : 75

Bucket tooth is an essential part of the excavator, is the most frequent use and replacement of a part of the most frequent, bucket tooth for excavators like teeth for people, the importance of the degree of self-evident, last article we roughly said the bucket tooth wear failure mechanism of one of the cutting mechanism,In this article we will discuss another failure mechanism of bucket teeth wear, the fatigue spalling mechanism.
Bucket teeth inserted into the rock (ore) to do reciprocating motion, the surface of the plastic change furrow formed by the rock particles on the uplift for many times rolling, can form a metal flow platform many times, when the stress of the bucket teeth material exceeds the strength limit will produce crack brittle crack for debris.The debris is split perpendicular to the wear direction, or split or torn off along the wear direction. The front side of the debris is smooth groove fringes, the back side is flat, and the side side is overlapping fringes formed by rolling deformation.If the rock with edges and corners will shear deformation layer and form debris, flat sheet shape, rough edges.In another case, when the bucket tooth and rock repeated action, the plastic deformation of the bucket tooth caused by high work hardening effect, the brittleness of the bucket tooth surface increases, under the strong impact of the rock, the bucket tooth surface will form brittle crack debris, the surface has different depths of radial cracks.Strictly speaking, this brittleness is the fatigue spalling mechanism.