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Analysis on Development Characteristics of Bucket Tooth Industry

January 28,2021

Since 2010, with the gradual recovery of economy, highway construction, real estate construction, railway construction and other fields have directly driven the demand for excavators. Affected by the large-scale infrastructure projects and the investment boom in the real estate industry, China's excavator market will have further growth.

In the past ten years, the excavator market in China has increased at an average rate of 30%, and has become one of the most used markets in the world. 

From the current situation, China is in the peak period of road traffic, energy and water conservancy, urban construction and other aspects of infrastructure construction, excavator market demand is increasing year by year, the project has a broad market prospect. New products of excavator industry emerge in an endless stream. Among them, some enterprises have already occupied a large part of the excavator market, and launched new products to consolidate their position and increase new profit growth points for enterprises; Some enterprises dominate in other fields and launch new products in order to have high-end status in excavator field; Some enterprises develop new products with the help of "overseas husband family", aiming to enter the excavator market, improve the industrial chain and enhance competitiveness.

At present, China has become a big excavator market in the world, not only with large market sales, but also with large output.It is the manufacturing center of excavator industry in the world. In the process of internationalization, China's excavator market is gradually incorporated into the global excavator supply chain system. Due to China's growing influence in the international market, especially its increasingly close relationship with the developing countries, China can still obtain a lot of export opportunities for the excavator industry in the case of global export market downturn.

In the future, the excavator industry has a bright future. China has a vast territory, and the task of economic construction is very heavy. There is a large demand space for the excavator market. With the acceleration of economic construction and the increase of construction projects in the central and western regions and Northeast China, the demand for excavators will also increase year by year.