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How to choose the right bucket teeth?

June 09,2021

Excavator bucket teeth are important consumable parts on excavators, similar to human teeth. There is an old saying in China that grinds knives and doesn't cut wood by mistake; suitable bucket teeth can greatly improve the digging efficiency of excavators. So, how to choose the bucket teeth correctly? The first step is to confirm the model of the excavator, if you know that the model of the excavator can quickly match the corresponding model of the teeth. The second step is to confirm the tooth number, if you don’t know the excavator model can also confirm the number of the teeth. The third step is to measure the cavity size and inform us that we can provide you with a suitable tooth.

Excavator bucket teeth

Excavator bucket teeth can be divided into rock bucket teeth (for iron ore, stone ore, etc.), earth bucket teeth (for digging soil, sand, etc.), and conical bucket teeth (for coal mines) according to different excavation work. At the same time, according to different models of excavators also need to be equipped with different models of bucket teeth to match. Our company has a wide range of excavator bucket teeth and related accessories for customers to choose from. Of course, if you have special production requirements you can contact us to customize the bucket teeth you need.

Finally, by the way, it is recommended to check the maintenance teeth at the end of each excavation work, so as to extend their service life better.


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