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How to reduce tooth casting method of production costs?

July 17,2021

Part 2

Reduce tooth casting method of production costs

2) Lower box shape: high pressure air sends the coated sand into the horizontal metal mold cavity, and heats and hardens to form the lower shell shape and the sealed box shell. In order to reduce the amount of coated sand, the thickness of the lower shell and sealed box shell should not be greater than 3mm; the minimum thickness of metal mold forming is the best. Remove the upper metal mold, replace it with the lower box body, check the shell shape, repair the partial unformed parts of the lower shell shape or the sealed box shell with coated sand to ensure that the flask is vacuumed and does not leak. Add steel shots to the lower box body. After the steel shots are filled, the upper mouth of the lower box body is scraped to cover the lower agricultural film, the lower box is vacuumed, and the lower box is demolded and removed to complete the lower box shape.

3) Closing the box: The lower box is turned over and placed on the vibrating pouring table, the sand core is positioned and fixed, and the upper box is positioned and buckled to close the lower box.

4) Cover the insulation layer: Cover the top surface and surroundings of the sand box with an insulation layer of quartz sand or insulation cotton. The pouring is completed on the vibrating pouring table, the sand box is in a vacuum state during pouring, it vibrates immediately after pouring, and the vibration stops before the vacuum is removed. The vibration adopts low-amplitude high-frequency vibration, the amplitude is not more than 5mm, and the frequency is 100-200 Hz.