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How’s the wear failure mechanism of bucket tooth happened and how to avoid?

July 02,2021

In the previous two articles, we respectively introduced the cutting mechanism and fatigue spalling mechanism of the bucket tooth wear failure mechanism, and roughly understood the little knowledge of the bucket tooth wear. Next, in this article, we will make a small summary of the wear failure mechanism, and put forward some methods to reduce the occurrence of the wear failure mechanism.

Bucket teeth

The wear failure mechanism is related to material and working condition, including cutting, fatigue spalling and so on. Generally speaking, the cutting mechanism plays a dominant role in the wear and failure process of bucket teeth, which is more than 7O. With the increase of bucket tooth hardness, the fatigue spalling mechanism increased gradually, accounting for 20 ~ 30. When the hardness of the material reaches the upper limit, the brittleness increases and brittle fracture may occur. Therefore, in view of the different characteristics of the two wear failure mechanisms and the working conditions based on the cutting mechanism, we should find ways to improve the hardness of the bucket tooth material, which is conducive to improving its wear resistance; For the fatigue spalling mechanism, we should make the material have good hard toughness coordination; High hardness, high fracture toughness, low crack growth rate and high impact fatigue resistance, which is conducive to improve the wear resistance of the material. And my company's bucket tooth products, the main characteristic is high hardness and high toughness, our company will bucket tooth quality in the first place, my company to win by quality, in the industry has a very good reputation, welcome the general respect of customers to consult, I believe that our products will never let you down.


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